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Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson

It’s not every astro society that is fortunate enough to have a world renowned astrophysicists as their Honorary President and we are very proud and privileged that Professor Michael has chosen to suport us in our endevour.


Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson was Head of the Astrophysics Group of Imperial College when he joined them from Queen Mary College in 1993.


Professor Rowan-Robinson is a leading international expert in extragalactic far infrared and submillimetre astrophysics and has been principal- and co-investigator for many prominent Astrophysics projects. He and collaborators were awarded the Daiwa-Adrian Prize for a Japanese-Anglo-Dutch collaboration in 2004.


He was the President of the Royal Astronomical Society, he directed Brian May's doctoral thesis in Astrophysics, and even has an asteroid named after him!


Professor Rowan-Robinson very actively engages in public outreach, being the author of several popular books and having appeared down the years on a wide range of radio and television programmes and at public debates.


We are also very fortunate that Professor Michael is a local and is very generous, to give his time to come and speak to members, giving talks and lectures.


Professor Michael is a very prestigious member of the astronomical community and we are so lucky to have him as our Honorary President.

M R Robinson

Professor Rowan-Robinson has a new book out, click here for more  info!

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