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Our Observing / Workshop Sessions 


Our Observing sessions are normally held on  the Darsham Village Hall Playing Field.

The Street



IP17 3QJ.

( see Map )


As you travel through the village you turn into the road at the side of the Village Hall and turn into the Hall's carpark. Use the footpath to the side of the hall and enter the playing field, where we will set up.


Bad weather contingencies as normal.

See important notice opposite.


DASH Astro




Our Meetings


Our normal meeting night is a Sunday night at the Darsham Village Hall.

The Street



IP17 3QJ.

(see Map )


We aim to ensure that observing evenings are close to the New Moon so that light pollution is limited.

For the full list of dates  go to the Events page



On a normal DASH Observing night, observing should be the first priority. That being said after consultation on the local weather trends and with people on the ground, we will publish either by email, Twitter, FaceBook, or the website, the likelihood of observing going ahead.

In the event of inclement weather we will be in the Village Hall for astro workshops, to be led by the needs of the members. So if you have questions or problems, let us know and we will see if we can help.

So your actions on the night should be,  1st, check the Playing Field. 2nd inside Darsham Village Hall.


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