David Gwynn

David is a retired science/physics teacher who has served with the British Army  in the Royal Engineers.  

He became the Chairman of DASH Astro in January 2014.  

David's astronomical interests are wide and varied and include deep space objects, solar physics/ observing, high Energy Astrophysics (FRB’s, GRB’s, black holes, supermassive black holes), Radio astronomy, AGN’s of various types, cosmology, exoplanets, spectroscopy, multi messenger astronomy.

Public and school outreach is an important element of his astronomy, reflected in him being an enthusiastic and proactive STEM Ambassador. He was recently elected Fellow of The Royal Astronomical Society.

Malcolm is an organic produce farmer and the proud owner of an observatory which he built from scratch in 2013.  

Malcolm and his wife Eileen are founder members of DASH, and Malcolm has held the position of treasurer since DASH was formed in June 2013.  

Malcolm is a keen observational astronomer and has a wealth of knowledge on viewing techniques and equipment.




Jim Slight


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Linda Gwynn

Jim is a retired engineer and has only recently returned to astronomy as more free time has become available.

Jim joined the society in 2014 and became secretary in 2016.

Jim’s astronomical interests are diverse, ranging from deep sky objects (faint fuzzies) to spectroscopy, radio astronomy and solar observing. He is frequently on hand to help /advise beginners on setting up their equipment. He is also a key member of the outreach team and solar team.

Jim is very proactive in promoting the skill levels in all areas of astronomy.



Lynn is a retired Science Technician. She has always had a fascination for astronomy but has now become more involved with the hobby since having more free time.

She has her own telescope, a Williams Optics 71mm refractor which she really likes because of the quality and its ease of use. She is a great believer in promoting astronomy wherever and whenever she can and is a key member of the public outreach team and the solar team attending many public and school events.

She is also a firm believer in increasing her knowledge base to pass on to others by attending national lectures and by participating in Open University astronomy courses.

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Chris Mead

Chris has always been fascinated by astronomy and cosmology. He is now able to devote time to learning astrophotography techniques having retired from careers in information security auditing, IT management, electronics engineering management and chemicals manufacture. He has developed a specific interest in deep sky astrophotography and uses William Optics ZS73 refractor and Celestron EdgeHD 8” reflector telescopes to help capture images when cloud cover permits! He enjoys the problem solving aspects of astrophotography, combining, as it does, computer automation and image processing techniques. He has found the recent opportunities to discuss and share his images with members of the public at outreach events particularly rewarding.

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David has a main interest is astrophotography for which he is the committee lead. He is also an active member of the local astronomy community, campaigner for dark skies and gives regular presentations and lessons on astronomy and astrophotography to both our members and other organisations.

To facilitate his photography he has built his own observatory which is invaluable given our climate. David also likes to take an active role in public outreach events in order to bring the wonders of the skies to the public.

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Astrophotography Lead

David Murton

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