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Chris has always been fascinated by astronomy and cosmology. He is now able to devote time to learning astrophotography techniques having retired from careers in information security auditing, IT management, electronics engineering management and chemicals manufacture. He has developed a specific interest in deep sky astrophotography and uses William Optics ZS73 refractor and Celestron EdgeHD 8” reflector telescopes to help capture images when cloud cover permits! In 2023 he acquired a DwarfLab 2 miniature goto telescope and has also acquired a ZWO SeeStar goto telescope. He enjoys the problem solving aspects of astrophotography, combining, as it does, computer automation and image processing techniques. He has found the recent opportunities to discuss and share his images with members of the public at outreach events particularly rewarding.

Chris Mead


Ma;colm 2

Malcolm is an organic produce farmer and the proud owner of an observatory which he built from scratch in 2013.  

Malcolm and his wife Eileen are founder members of DASH, and Malcolm has held the position of treasurer since DASH was formed in June 2013.  

Malcolm is a keen observational astronomer and has a wealth of knowledge on viewing techniques and equipment.


DASH Astro


Meet the current DASH Committee


Malcolm Pinder


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